Novelty Couple Tattoo Ideas for Lovers

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Most people like to think of tattoos and their romantic partners in the same way: thoughtful and permanent.

When you meet someone special, and you want to commemorate your relationship by getting a tattoo, it might seem like you have too many choices available.

While having many choices can be nice, the analysis paralysis could result in couples forgoing what could be a tremendous bonding experience.

To help with that, we’ve come up with a list of great novelty couples’ tattoos that you could consider getting with a loved one!

Their symbol or shared memories

Every couple has a story, and you can use some fresh ink to remind yourself and show others how you met your lovely partner.

The symbol doesn’t have to be overt; it can be symbolic. For example, you may have met your romantic match while she was playing basketball for her college team.

In that case, a good symbol would be a basketball or the team logo. Both of those could remind you of the time that you tried to meet tall women by hanging out on the local dating service and making yourself a familiar face at practices.

Couple with forearm tattoos

Other people bonded over a topic they both love. For example, maybe an online dating profile caught your eye because your partner mentioned they enjoy your favorite video game series.

In that case, it might help you to get a tattoo that shows your combined love for the Final Fantasy series, even if you don’t get the same tattoo. You could get the character that represents your love best.

It is hard to go wrong with tattoo ideas as long as they are rooted in some special memory that led to the creation of your relationship. You’ll look back on the tattoo and the process of getting it put on your body with happiness and pride. 

What body parts are paired tattoos placed on?

Just like clothing and music, the placement of tattoos on the body tends to fall into trends. Remember the days of the lower back tattoos?

Although those are not so common right now, the chances are high that they will make a return someday. Considering tattoo placement in the present, it’s clear that different body parts are preferred by men and women.

tattoos on boyfriend and girlfriend arms

For example, women are most likely to get their arm tattooed someplace between the shoulder and elbow. They also get their thighs, shoulders, chest, and ribs tattooed frequently.

The upper arm and back are popular places for men to get tattoos, along with the upper leg. Couples’ tattoos are unique, though. The two individuals have to come up with a commonplace to get their tattoos.

Knowing where men and women are most likely to get tattoos, we must also consider the following:

  • couples want tattoos that share a theme;
  • partners often want their tattoos to be easily viewed;
  • they tend to want tattoos in a neutral, non-risqué area of their body.

With that in mind, what places are couples getting tattoos? Common places include:

  • lower leg, outside portion;
  • wrist;
  • hands;
  • shoulder;
  • ribcage.

Most of these tattoo areas are commonly used by romantic partners because it’s easy to show off their ink to family and friends.

When it comes to places like the wrist, hands, and lower leg, these tattoos are often done in halves, where one partner each has half of the full picture. That is symbolic that they are half of a larger whole.

These tattoo placement ideas are unique to every couple, and they should take into account the size, meaning, and personal body type before committing to a tattoo. 

Ideas for couples’ tattoos

Now that you know where couples get tattoos and why they choose to get them, it’s time to look at some of the ideas for couples’ tattoos.

Here is a list of some very popular ideas for two people in love to get a tattoo.

1. A tattoo of a quote

This could be a funny quote from a movie, song lyrics, or any other string of words that connects you and your partner. 

2. Your partner’s name

Although some people insist that getting a tattoo of your partner’s name is bad luck, getting your partner’s name on you will show devotion and that you’ll never forget them.

3. Dates

What was the day you started dating? How about when you married? Any of these dates are a perfect tattoo idea. 

4. Complementary tattoos

Get a tattoo that is only half of the whole and show it off to others. This could be something cool, like an animal you both love or something fun, like images from your favorite video games

These are just a few ideas of tattoo ideas for you and your partner. Thousands more exist!

Getting a tattoo with your romantic partner is a thrilling experience. You simply have to figure out what you both like and where you want to get it.

Then, it’s just a matter of scheduling an appointment with the right tattoo artist and getting the work done!

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