100 Charming Bow Tattoos Designs And Meanings

Tattoo art is a form of body embellishment which has been loved by men and women alike, but there are some designs which are gender specific. One of these is the bow tattoo design, which is regarded as a feminine and cute design, making it the top choice for girls and women. These tiny little bows which are a common feature of gift wrapping make a wonderful appearance on the skin of the women, with their vibrant colors and pretty designs exuding all the charm which every woman looks for in a tattoo design. It is the elegance of this design, which makes this tattoo a hot favorite among women of all age groups.

Bow Tattoos Meanings

Bow tattoos are much more than sheer beauty and charm, they also have a deeper meaning, which makes them favored for their aesthetic value as well as symbolism. A bow is formed by tying a loose knot on a ribbon or a thread, which gives it a unique and beautiful appearance. Women revere the design so much because it symbolized their liberation and cool attitude, which is related with every modern woman of today. Bows also signify femininity, love and specialty as they have been used to embellish gifts which we give to our loved ones. Thus, bow tattoos are associated with the joy of giving and sharing, which is an important part of a women’s spirit as she is born to give and share.

The tattoos featuring a bow design are popular for another reason too, which is the versatility they have regarding their location as they look good borne almost anywhere on a woman’s body. Whether it is inked on the ankle, wrist, finger, back of the ear, nape of the neck, shoulder or lower back, a bow art is nothing short of a fashion statement, because the design is bound to attract attention, irrespective of its placement. Some women take the bow as a symbol of a special event in their lives, as to represent a special date like and anniversary. They wear as a dedication to a loved one.

In many cases, they are used as a part of an awareness drive, like pink bows stand as a symbol of breast cancer awareness and have become a common symbol around the globe, educating people to join hands against the deadly disease. In this way, they go much beyond just giving a charming appeal to the bearer, they say a lot about the strength of character and attitude of a woman.

Popular Designs

This is one tattoo design where you will find a great deal of variety as the popularity of this particular design has been a driving force behind the constant efforts of tattoo artists to create something new and amazing in the bow design. The design may feature a loosely tied ribbon with or without lace, which can either be exhibited in a cute manner or a sensuous one, depending upon the choice and attitude of the bearer. The bow art can be done in various colors, shapes and sizes, which can be customized according to the desire of the tattoo bearer. The most popular color choices are the vibrant ones, such as red, pink and purple. Some designs can include a combination of colors or designs like polka dots and stripes to create a totally unique look. It is unusual to see them done in conventional black and grey as they are all about playfulness and femininity. Another popular design is the one which features them in the form of jewelry pieces, such as ankle tattoos, bracelet tattoos and finger ring tattoos. Couples can have the bow design featured as the permanent ring tattoos, highlighting their everlasting love and commitment towards each other. Some designs with bows as the main element can have a raised look to give them a shadow effect, which can be a very interesting option. Tattoo bearers can also have certain special elements incorporated with the bow design for creating a personalized design, which include flowers, diamonds, butterflies, birds and chains. Similarly, they can have some text added to a bow design to give it a new meaning, which can be the initials or name of a loved one, a special date in one’s life or a quote which defines one’s personality and attitude. In this way, the right use of color and designs can bring out a wonderful design with the feminine element of bows.

The deep symbolic value, aesthetic charm and great versatility in terms of designing, are the factors which account for the great demand of bow tattoo designs among girls and women around the world. In fact, this is such a design which a women of any age and from any walk of life, can carry with great ease and comfort.

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