130 Breathtaking Roman Numerals Tattoos

Tattoos are all about grabbing attention, which is the reason why people look for unique and meaningful designs to make a prominent impact on the bearers as well as onlookers. If you are no longer impressed by tattoo designs with animals and flowers as the main elements, a cool and unusual tattoo design option for you is the Roman numerals tattoo design. Roman numeral system is a number system which presents numbers in the form of English alphabets. A tattoo based on Roman numerals has a mysterious and alluring quality because it can take some time and attention of a person to comprehend this tattoo and understand its meaning. They look absolutely unique and make you stand apart.

What can Roman numeral tattoos represent?

They are based on numerical values and can represent important dates in the life of the tattoo bearer, such as birthday, wedding anniversary or date of birth of a child. It can also depict the birthday of a partner or a loved one. The meaning of a design may vary from person to person, because one may have the number of his siblings inked in the form of a Roman numerals while another person can have the number of his children inked in the form of Roman numerals. Since the meaning of a Roman Numerals art is completely personalized, there is an aura of mystery around each tattoo design.

Different Design Options

When you decide that you want to have a Roman Numerals art inked on your body, there are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the design for it. The number you are planning to display on your body should bear a considerable importance in your life and the you should be committed enough to spend the money and time to get it inked as a tattoo, in addition to bearing the pain of it. The placement of the tattoo should be such that the tattoo is easily visible, but at the same time it can be hidden when you want to do so. Also, the size and font style of the Roman Numerals art should also be given due consideration before finalizing the tattoo design. Basically, birthdates and other significant dates make the best choice for Roman Numerals tattoos because they keep reminding you about these special occasions all the time.

Additionally, Roman numerals can be made part of memorial tattoos as they mark the date of death of a loved one, even a pet. These tattoos reiterate the fact the departed person is an important part of the life of the bearer and will always be, even if he or she is no longer with them. In addition to having the Roman numerals as the basic design element, the bearer can have some other design elements such as animals, birds, flowers and banners to make this simplistic design more meaningful and intricate. Another important aspect of this art is color as the otherwise plain looking design can be made to look outstanding with the right usage of an array of bright colors. Though some people can have these tattoos done in traditional black, expert tattoo artists can create brilliant visual delights by mixing and matching the right colors for Roman numerals designs.

Placement Guide

Like any other tattoo design, the placement of Roman Numerals tattoos is determined by their sized and design. This design is quite versatile because it can be done in any size and look good at almost any location on the body. Small ones look amazing at the wrist, back of the neck, back of the ear and ankles, while larger sized tattoos can be inked on the shoulder, forearm, lower back, chest, hip and rib area. A popular form of Roman numeral tattoo design is an arm band or bracelet, in which the numerals are arranged in the form of a long band and wrapped around the arm or wrist.


One of the main reasons of the increasing popularity of Roman numeral tattoos is the fact that many celebrities have been endorsing them by making them a part of their personalities. Some global celebrities who have been spotted with a Roman numerals art tattoo are Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Selena Gomez and Beyonce Knowles.

Final Words

Getting a Roman numerals tattoo is a matter of commitment and one should get it inked only if one is totally prepared to bear the pain of it as well as spend money and time for the same. A bearer should be sure that whichever tattoo is chosen by him should match his attitude and personality to perfection, because it is very hard to get rid of a tattoo once it becomes a part of the body.

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