110 Most Attractive Eye Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Those who want to have a unique and interesting tattoo designed on their body can try something as unusual as eye tattoo design. The eye design can feature the eye of a human being or any other creature, depending upon the meaning the tattoo bearer wants to indicate through the tattoo. The main element of the tattoo is the eye and it can be presented in a simple manner or some intricate way, as per the requirement of the design. Besides being an intriguing design option, an eye design makes a good choice because it has a symbolic value too.


An eye design is unisex in nature, implying that it is suitable for both the genders. Additionally, it can be interpreted as a symbol of protection, clarity or truth. It can be considered as the eye of a deceased loved one, who constantly keeps guard over the bearer and protects him from evil. In ancient tattoo art, eye have been related with Gods and Goddesses, and they were believed to be talismanic in nature.

Christianity refers to the Eye of the God, which indicates that God keeps a watchful eye on those who place their faith in Him. On the other hand, the phrase third eye speaks of intuitive powers and the ability to foretell the future. The eye design can portray the eye of a human being or that of creatures such as cats and snakes and the symbolic meaning of the tattoo changes accordingly. An eye design tattoo can be a symbol of perspective of a person and how he sees things around himself. Eyes also mirror the feelings of a person and express their emotions, besides giving them the ability to visualize things.

The Western culture relates eye with respect and confidence and accordingly, an eye design inspires the bearer to be self assured and confident. Also, they stand for humanity as eyes make one of the most recognizable parts of the human body.

Different Eye Tattoo Designs

There has been a considerable variety in eye designs because various cultures have found eyes to be interesting elements to frame tattoo designs. Aldo, creative tattoo artists have always found this element an interesting one to experiment with. Here are some popular eye tattoo designs:

  • Eye of Horus – The eye of Horus tattoo is basically an Egyptian tattoo design and there is a legend behind this amazing tattoo design. According to the ancient Egyptian folklore, Horus was engaged in a battle with Seth to posses the throne.
  • Realistic Eye – In the modern art, more and more people have shown their preference to realistic designs and realistic eye designs are the favorite among tattoo lovers these days. Many of such tattoos are done with 3D technique and most people love to have them because they are very appealing.
  • Simple Eye – Those who want just a simple eye design can choose among a human eye or those of animals like cats and snakes. The eye can be inked as a simple oval with a circular shape inside it. Cartoon eyes are also liked by those looking for fun tattoo designs.
  • Tribal Eye – Tribal tattoos have always been an attractive option if you want an outstanding design with any element. Tribal eye make use of bold lines and patterns to create a prominent and visually appealing design, which has a lot to say in symbolic terms. Tribal eye designs have a masculine quality because they use bold lines and this makes them more suitable for the male tattoo bearers.

Final Words

When you decide that you are going to have an eye design inked, you need to pay a great deal of attention to the color and luster of the eye so that it looks lifelike. A creative tattoo designer can make use of his abilities to blend the colors in the right manner and highlight the design in the best possible way. The expertise of the tattoo artist can make a big difference to the beauty of an eye tattoo design or any design, for that matter. Therefore, if you want a tattoo which gives value for money, choose a good artist to have it inked.

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