100+ Corset Piercing Examples, Procedure, Pain, Cost, Care

Have you heard about corset piercing? Do you know what it exactly look like? Do you want to try this kind of piercing for yourself? Well, for those who do not know, this piercing is a kind of piercing on the body that is known to be extremely unique. It is unique in a way that there are only very few people who have this type of piercing. The truth is, this piercing involves several piercing jewelries and pierced areas. Because of this, it is no longer surprising why it needs wider space for piercing location. The smaller piercing for this kind will compose of 4 piercing jewelries and 4 pierced body areas. This is the reason why it is most likely done on the back part.

The Corset Piercing Procedure

The truth is, there are only very few piercing professionals who can handle the procedure of a corset piercing, so do not be surprised if it will not be easy for you to find one. The main reason for this is the fact that this piercings requires a very serious attention and precision. Other than that, it also involves a number of possible consequences on the body. Anyway, here is what happens during the procedure in having this piercing:

  • The professional piercer will talk to you first. This is the piercer’s great way to calm yourself out, and shake those tensions away. This is the time that he or she will tell you that things will go well, so there’s no need to worry. This is also the perfect time for him or her to ask you how many piercings that will compose piercing.
  • The entire body area as a location of your piercing will be cleaned well. The purpose of this is to free the exact body location from bacteria that may incorporate into the wound caused by the piercing procedure that may result to horrible complications.
  • Piercing points will be marked through surgical marking pens. Marking the piercing points is very important since this piercing involves a pattern that should be followed to form like a real gorgeous corset.
  • Piercing needles will then be inserted into the area to make holes. The needles will just need to follow the markings of course, in order to have a great precision on the piercing procedure.
  • The jewelry of your choice will be inserted. After successfully making holes through the piercing needles, the jewelries you have chosen will then be inserted.

The Pain Factor

A corset piercing is actually just done on the body surface. In other words, this will not involve too much damage in the body tissues. Even so, this piercing will surely give extreme pain to the one who undergoes its crucial procedure because there will be more than one piercings that will be attached to the exact body location. Furthermore, it will take time in completing the piercing procedure, so you will also experience the pain longer than the other piercing procedures done on the body.

The Healing Process

Although permanent piercing may take nearly 12 weeks to heal, complete healing has been witnessed only in few cases. Having this piercing on your body is actually taking a big risk on your part. It is simply because there are several individuals who do not experience full recovery on the wounds caused by the piercing procedure. Some even regretted on undergoing on the piercing procedure. So, before you should go for this kind of piercing, you must think about it many times. Even so, people who successfully and luckily have a fully healed admitted that it takes them 12 weeks before they experienced the complete healing of the wounds on the pierced areas. For sure, it is quite long period of time for you, so be sure to have a considerable amount of patience in waiting for this particular moment to come. Anyway, this piercing will certainly look gorgeous on your body, after all.

The Aftercares Needed

Keeping the aftercares in mind is a very important thing for you to do, in case you undergo for a corset piercing procedure. It is simply because doing the aftercares will greatly affect the healing process of this piercing as well as the final product of it. In this regard, here are the extremely significant aftercares that you need to follow religiously:

  • You should clean your hands before touching the piercing and the pierced areas. You make use of an antibacterial soap in washing your hands, so that you can be sure that bacteria will be killed. Remember, bacteria can be the main cause of severe piercing complications.
  • Don’t utilize caustic soap when taking a bath. It is simply because this kind of soap can interfere the healing process of the pierced areas. Some amount of this soap may go to the wounds that will then cause some irritations.
  • Don’t sleep in a position where the pierced areas can be compromised. If your piercing is done at the back portion of your body, then you can sleep in a side view position. With that being said, there is no way the pierced areas can be strained.
  • Avoid doing arduous activities that can strain the pierced areas. These activities include physical exercises.


The cost of this kind of piercing is one important thing that you need to take into consideration. It is simply because you might find it too expensive on your part for a piercing. Most of the time, it will take $100 up to $500 from your savings account. Well, there is no question about that since this piercing is a bit complicated to be done, and it takes a lot of time before the procedure is completed. It also requires extra care and expertise among the piercers, so the price is actually just high.


  • Dermal – Where microdermal implants are embedded in the skin for attaching the jewelry, lending it a decent look.
  • Neck – The piercing is done on any part of the neck, including the nape (the back of neck).
  • Chest – It is a bilaterally symmetrical kind of piercing which is done on the chest and  usually adorned with colorful ribbons.
  • Side – While the piercing is placed on one side of the torso, some piercing enthusiasts go for both the sides.
  • Leg – Lots of piercings placed on the front or back of the legs makes a unique fashion statement, especially when you wear short skirts or shorts.
  • Arm – Its very rare and could be odd. It involves multiple perforations of the shoulder or wrist.
  • Back – Placed in two rows either on the upper or lower back, resembles a corset when laced together.

Final Words

Always keep in mind that a corset piercing may involve a higher risk on your part, both on your health and financial condition. Thus, you should think of it well, before finally deciding to undergo on its very crucial procedure.

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