100+ Hilarious Clown Tattoos And Their Meanings

One of the most important aspects of a tattoo design is the basic element used in it. If you want something different rather than the usual flowers and animals as the main element for your tattoos design, then you can opt for something as unusual as a clown tattoo. Generally, clowns are considered as hilarious characters, performing antics to entertain people and make them laugh. But these characters can be evil and sinister too, as depicted in some stories and movies, where they portray negative characters.

A clown art can be worn by both men and women and it can convey different meanings based on the expression the clown is bearing in the tattoo design. The best thing about clown art tattoos is that they have a vibrant quality, thanks to the array of colors which can be used for inking them. Additionally, they can convey different meanings. The aesthetic and symbolic value, are both the basic pre-requisites of clown art designs and this makes the element just apt for an attractive tattoo design.

Popular Clown Tattoo Designs

Clown tattoos offer a good variety in terms of design options available in them, and each one carries a diverse meaning. Here are a few of them:

  • Happy Clown – Basically, clowns were meant to be happy people who were engaged in the art of entertaining the young and the old at gatherings and circuses. This happy feeling is induced by happy face clown arts. Soft expression and smiling eyes are what you should look for in this tattoo design. You can also try a cartoonish clown for this one.
  • Sad Clown – Another popular option among clown art is a sad faced clown design, which indicates a heartbroken, droopy looking expression, which creates an absolutely unusual look.
  • Scary Clown – A sinister looking clown is someone you would never want to come across, but believe it or not, a scary clown art tattoo is one of the most popular designs these days. A white faced clown with black shading in the backdrop and may be a blood stained dagger in the image can create a very scary look.
  • Joker Clown – A Joker clown is a design which brings down the memories from the Joker character of the Batman series and is another popular design option for those looking for something different and uncommon. Another variation in the Joker design is the one which features the character wearing a jester hat with bells hanging from it, along with a wide toothed grin to complete the expression.

Final Words

The versatility of a clown tattoo is something that works in favor of this design, as even a small variation in the expression of the clown can create an absolutely different looking tattoo. The right blend of color and expression makes this tattoo suitable for men as well as women. the more detailed and larger clown art tattoos are preferably inked on larger areas such as chest, back, side, shoulder and hip, while smaller ones which include only small faces, look apt at ankle, arm, wrist and back of the neck. A wide variety in clown art tattoo designs makes it necessary to choose the design with considerable care.

This frightening puppeteer


This Pennywise calf tattoo


Dinner interrupted

Scary Clown Tattoo

This evil smile

Creepy Clown Tattoo

This carrot top

Frightening Clown Tattoo

This tiny hat

Freaky Clown Tattoo

This Freak Show

Twisty the Clown

These pin-sized pupils

Killer Clown Tattoo

These wicked red brows

Wicked Clown Tattoo

This terrifying forearm tattoo

Scary Clown Tattoo

Almost approachable


This clown with an overbiteScary Clown Tattoo

Scary Clown Tattoo

Pennywise in black and white


This hand tat

Horrifying Clown Tattoo

This horrifying hobo


This dreadful doll


The Herpes Simplex Virus


This Killer Klown from Outer Space

Killer Clown From Outer Space Tattoo

This stick up man



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