150 Stunning Arrow Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

One of the most popular designs in tattoo art is the arrow design, which has been loved by tattoo enthusiasts since a long time. The simplicity of the arrow is its biggest plus point, which makes it a good choice for the first timers as it involves less money, time and pain. But its simplicity in no way implies that the tattoo is less attractive than other tattoo designs, which is the reason why it is regarded as one of the best options for both men and women. Moreover, arrow designs can be done in big or small sizes and look good at any location on the body, depending upon the size of the tattoo. At the same time, this design exudes a symbolic meaning making it a preferred one.

Symbolic Meaning

Like all other tattoo designs, the arrow tattoo too has its own symbolic meaning, which needs to be understood before one opts for this tattoo. In the Native American culture, the arrow is considered as the weapon of protection and hunting, which has been used to safeguard one’s family as well as sustain them by making provision of food for them. In this culture, two crossed arrows also depict friendship, which is the reason why this symbol is a popular tattoo designs for friend. Though different kinds of arrow designs stand for different things, the basic meaning of an arrow is positivity as arrow stands for moving ahead despite being constrained by he bow. The bow, which stands for struggle in life, pulls one back but the arrow gets itself released from the bow to propel forward and seek better things in life. In other words, an arrow stands for achievements of one’s goals in life by overcoming all hardships. In zodiac, a bow and an arrow stand for the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Another meaning associated with the arrow is that it stands for love as in Cupid’s arrow, which made people get attracted towards each other and fall in love. It is also considered as the symbol of masculinity, strength, power and sense of direction. It is about moving in only one direction, which is forward, without looking back in life. Would you like to check our hand-picked collection of Maori Tattoos?

Arrow Tattoo Design by Vikas MalaniFeminine Arrow Tattoo by Mini LauAbstract Arrow Tattoo by Alex EjsmontArrow Tattoo by BanulColorful Arrow Tattoo by Orianne-Marjorie HenemanAdorable Tiny Arrow Tattoo by Anna BravoArrow Tattoo Design by STDotwork Arrow Tattoo Design by David TombuWatercolor Arrow Tattoo by Mervin CarballoArrow Tattoo on Hand by Pechschwarz

Ornamental Arrow Tattoo by JuniorogheriBlackwork Arrow Tattoo by Nic LeBrunWooden Arrow Tattoo Design by J. TripSmall Arrow Tattoo by Rachael AinsworthDotwork Arrow Tattoos by Sinead StewartAwesome Arrow Tattoo on Forearm by Frank Carrilho


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