7 Cutest Hairstyles For Round Faces

Mostly woman with a round face like to camouflage the roundness, rather than highlight it. Day by day change in hairstyles allow you to wear a variety of hair styling that not only can help you cover the facial outline but impact you also a flattering and stylish look. In the following, you can find the most beautiful hairstyles & hair growth tips for round face women that can make your face look narrow, slimmer and cuter.

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7. Blonde Bob For Round Face

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Blonde bob hairstyle is one of the shoulder length hairstyles. Flips in this hairstyle make prominent the beauty of your cheeks. If you want to create this style, there are only a few steps you need to take. Use a medium-sized boar bristle round brush to straighten your hair. After you dry hair, create curls at the bottom of hair with the help of a half inch curling iron. Make a fringe at one side or in the middle of the hair and your style is ready.

6. Absolutely A-Line Hairstyle

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This is one of the remarkable chin-length hairstyles for round face women that can make your round face look narrow and symmetrical. A round brush should be used to smooth hair and make them straight. Use the flat curling iron to curl hair in a bit toward your face. You can also make curls at the end of the hair as per your need. Use a gel or finishing spray on hair to hold the in their place.

5. Fringed Hairstyle For Round Face

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It is again a very perfect hairstyle for the round face woman that adds beauty and grace to your demeanor. Long waves, fringe and straight pieces of hair if framed together, will make your face appear slender and narrow. Leave out heavy fringe flow down and use a blow dryer to smooth your hair out. If your hair still does not straighten enough, then use flat iron and smooth out the small sections of hairs.

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4. Elegant And Elongating Hairstyle For Round Face

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Long and exaggerated bangs are the best ways to make your face appear slim and longer. You can also part the hair deeply to one side. The flow of hair from the crown to downwards on face and neck successfully hides the chubbiness of your face. Curl each section of hair by using a curling iron. Leave out a small piece of hair around your hairline on the side which is opposite to bulk of your hair. Now use a light hold finishing spray to fix everything.

3. Parting Ways Hairstyle

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It is a lovely and romantic hairstyle for the round face woman that is very easy to sear. Wash your hair with a conditioner and dry them using a towel. Start creating a deep side part to make that angle which balances your round face. Spray the leaves of hair throughout to protect them from heat of blow-dry styling. Use a large paddle brush to blow dry hair smooth. Spray each section prior to curling with a 1- inch barrel curling iron. Finish this hairstyle with a medium hold spray.

2. Swept Away Hairstyle For Round Face

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It is one of those easy hairstyles that help you manage the round look of your face. All you need to straighten your hair and create volume in them. The style requires a swept away side part, usually on left. The hair flow downwards creates an elongated look on your face.

1. Long Luscious

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This is a long layered cut that is perfect for round faces. Use a quarter-sized amount of styling cream throughout damp hair. Use a paddle brush to blow hair dry straight. Finish this hairstyle by smoothening the hair with a flat iron and applying the heat protection spray.

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Hairstyles form the most significant part of your first impressions. They describe your personality, taste and even your signature style. The hairstyles for round faces women given above will ensure your distinction and will manage the weaknesses in your facial outline.

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