Ultimate Post Malone Tattoo Guide

Curious about Post Malone’s tattoo story? We take you through his ink work and explain what each represents.

post malone tiny cartier love bangle tattoo

Austin Richard Post, widely known as Post Malone is an American singer and songwriter with a strong passion for tattoos. His face inking has become infamous with his first face tattoo taking place in 2017.

Post Malone points to Justin Bieber as the reason for why he first started getting tattoos. In an interview with the Today Show, Post stated:

“We had a tattoo artist come through, and then I was just like, ‘You know what Justin Bieber’s got some tats. And I love you, but I know I’m way tougher than you, So I was always scared to get one, and then I got one.”

What began as a playboy bunny tattoo on his arm, then expanded into a huge body art collection. Let’s take a look into what exactly these Post Malone tattoos mean.

Sword Tattoo

post malone sword tattoo

Tattoo: Vertically inked on the right side of his face is a sword.

Interpretation: In 2016, Post Malone said he wanted to get a sword tattoo on his face, and 4 years later he lived up to those words.

He inked a claymore, the Scottish version of a late medieval sword used in the 15th-17th centuries.

‘Always Tired’ Tattoo

post malone always tired tattoo

Tattoo: The words ‘Always Tired’ is inked just below both of his eyes.

Interpretation: In his second interview with GQ, Post Malone explained the meaning behind Always Tired.

“Under my eyes is always tired, because I’m always tired, you know always touring always working, not taking care of myself the way I should. I figured it was very fitting for how I felt.”

Grizzly Bear Tattoo

post malone grizzly bear tattoo on hand

Tattoo: A grizzly bear is inked on his right hand.

Interpretation: The Post Malone bear tattoo represents fierceness, power, and strength. His close friend Justin Bieber also has the bear in his body art collection.

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Ace of Spades Card Tattoo

post malone ace of spades tattoo

Tattoo: Another Post Malone forehead tattoo, featuring the Ace of Spades is positioned on the right side of his face.

Interpretation: Post Malone loves playing blackjack, so after a game in Montreal, he decided to get the Ace of Spades tattooed on his forehead.

Playboy Bunny Logo Tattoo

post malone playboy bunny logo tattoo

Tattoo: The playboy bunny logo is on the right side of Post’s face, just under the smiley tattoo.

Interpretation: This is the second Playboy bunny tattoo inked to his body and his love for Playboy doesn’t just stop there, an unreleased song named Playboy Bunny was also produced by the singer.

In an interview with GQ, Post Malone explained why he took the massive step of permanently inking his face. “I feel the face tattoos are interesting to look at, so where I might lack in handsomeness, I make up for in intrigue at least.”

Etching Tattoo

post malone etching tattoo

Tattoo: Etching can be seen on the left side of the rapper’s face.

Interpretation: On a trip to Japan, Post Malone decided to get this etching on the side of his face by tattoo artist Ghanji. It reflects the waves often depicted in Japanese irezumi inkings.

‘Stay Away’ Tattoo

post malone stay away tattoo

Tattoo: Stay Away is inked above Post Malone’s right eyebrow.

Interpretation: Post Malone explained the tattoo as being, “inspired by Peep’s cry baby tattoo and I thought it was tough as s**t. I picked one of my favorite Nirvana songs and put it on my face.” Nirvana released the song Stay Away in 1992.

Barbed Wire Tattoo

post malone barbed wire tattoo

Tattoo: Barbed wire stretches across Post Malone’s entire forehead.

Interpretation: When asked in an interview as to why he got the tattoo he said “I don’t know I just think barbed wire is cool and it was a cool idea to do it, it was like a trim. I’m going to regret it when I start balding.”

Smiley Face Tattoo

post malone smiley tattoo

Tattoo: A smiley face can be seen on the right side of Post Malone’s face.

Interpretation: The tattoo was originally meant to be a smiley face, however after Post Malone decided to ink two x’s as the eyes instead, it looked more similar to Marshmello’s helmet, an American DJ.

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Mini Heart Tattoo

post malone mini heart tattoo

Tattoo: A small heart is inked on the right side of his face, just under the playboy bunny logo.

Interpretation: The tattoo is one of three small symbols inked vertically on the singer’s face. The heart represents love and seems to be an addition to the other two symbols above.

JFK Portrait Tattoo

post malone jfk portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On Post Malone’s left hand a portrait of John F Kennedy can be seen.

Interpretation: Tattooist Victor Modefferi is behind this design and shows the rappers deep interest into the assassinated president, JFK.

Post Malone has publicly spoken with rapper, Charlamagne Tha God, about his thoughts on JFK’s assassination and often points towards conspiracy theories, in terms of the president’s murder.

Johnny Cash Portrait Tattoo

post malone johnny cash portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On Post Malone’s left bicep is a large portrait of Johnny Cash.

Interpretation: One of the musical influences to Post Malone’s career is Johnny Cash. He was an American singer, actor, songwriter and author who passed away in 2003.

Post Malone is a big country music fan listing Johnny Cash, Brad Paisley, Willie Nelson and Tim McGraw as his favorites in this genre.

‘So far, So good…So what’ Tattoo

post malone so far so good so what tattoo

Tattoo: The phrase ‘So far, so good…so what’ is inked on his left arm.

Interpretation: ‘So far, so good… so what’ is the name of an album produced by American heavy metal band Megadeath back in 1988.

Lil Peep Portrait Tattoo

post malone lil peep portrait tattoo

Tattoo: A portrait of Lil Peep is on the rappers left arm, just below Johnny Cash.

Interpretation: Although Post Malone only knew Lil Peep for a short time, the two quickly became friends. Lil Peep died in 2017 from a drug overdose, his sudden passing led Post Malone to ink this tribute tattoo in his memory.

Barbed Wire Tattoo on Hand

post malone barbed wire tattoo on hand

Tattoo: Barbed wire can be seen going across his fingers on his left hand.

Interpretation: The only reason Post Malone gave to his barbed wire tattoo on his forehead was that it was “cool”.

As he hasn’t publicly stated the reason why he got it inked on his hand, we can only presume it is for the same reason.

Jesus Portrait Tattoo

post malone jesus portrait tattoo

Tattoo: Post Malone’s tattoos include a portrait Jesus on the right side of his chest.

Interpretation: When explaining the piece to GQ Post Malone said, “Here I have a big zombie Easter Jesus, Jesus is very handsome so I figured how could we make him super metal and so we made him Easter Jesus.”

Portraits Tattoo on Fingers

post malone portraits tattoo on fingers

Tattoo: A set of portraits are inked across his fingers on both of his hands.

Interpretation: These Post Malone hand tattoos are people that have had great influence on his music, without their inspiration, he doesn’t believe he would have chosen a career in music.

Praying Hands with a Gun Tattoo

post malone praying hands with gun tattoo

Tattoo: Praying hands with a gun is inked on his right bicep.

Interpretation: A pair of praying hands whilst clasping a gun gives the effect of one’s trust in God, but also shows their trust in the second amendment.

‘REST EASY’ Tattoo

post malone rest easy tattoo

Tattoo: The words Rest Easy, is inked along 4 fingers on each of his hands.

Interpretation: Rest easy can mean to sleep without worry or to rest in peace for the loss of a loved one.

Skull Tattoo on Arm

post malone skull tattoo

Tattoo: A large tattoo of a skull is on the singer’s left forearm.

Interpretation: This skull tattoo also has the flag of Texas and a gold grill. It was inked by tattooist Yeyo Mondragon and is a tribute to Texas, where Post Malone grew up from the age of nine.

White Eagle Tattoo

post malone white eagle tattoo

Tattoo: A white eagle can be seen on the right side of Post Malone’s neck.

Interpretation: The white eagle is a symbol of the Great White Spirit who passed over wisdom and knowledge to mankind.

A white eagle can also represent Saint John, a disciple of Jesus who wrote the fourth gospel in the New Testament.

Bison Skull Tattoo

post malone bison skull tattoo

Tattoo: This Post Malone neck tattoo is of a Bison skull.

Interpretation: Post Malone didn’t give too much of a reason as to why he got this tattoo across his neck, apart from saying he thought it was ‘cool’. A bison skull tattoo symbolizes gentleness and determination.

Big Playboy Bunny Tattoo

post malone big playboy bunny tattoo

Tattoo: The big Playboy bunny is featured on the rappers left arm.

Interpretation: This is Post Malone’s first ever tattoo however, in a game of basketball with friend Justin Bieber, the tattoo was damaged leaving it with a crackling effect. The rapper is clearly a big fan of Playboy and sports the logo on his face.

Gadsden Snake Tattoo

post malone gadsden snake tattoo

Tattoo: On the rapper’s left arm is the Gadsden snake.

Interpretation: The Gadsden flag features a coiled rattle snake ready to strike (as seen in Post Malone’s tattoo) saying ‘Don’t Step on Me’.

The flag was designed by Christopher Gadsden during the American Revolution in 1775 and was used by the Continental Marines, and a symbol for the American colonies.

Saint Jude Tattoo

post malone st jude tattoo

Tattoo: Saint Jude is located on the rappers left hand.

Interpretation: Saint Jude is depicted with a skeleton underneath his robe. He was Jesus Christs’ faithful servant, friend and one of his twelve apostles.

He can sometimes be confused with Judas due to the close name and is often prayed to in times of hopelessness.

Knight Tattoo

post malone knight tattoo

Tattoo: A knight depicted in battle is inked down his right forearm.

Interpretation: Post Malone explained the tattoo in an interview with GQ, “This is pretty cool its like a guy on a horse stabbing a guy with a spear”, So that’s pretty much the reason… it’s cool!

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Black Horse Tattoo

post malone black horse tattoo

Tattoo: A black horse is featured on the rapper’s right forearm.

Interpretation: The black horse is being ridden by the knight inked above, who is featured stabbing somebody in battle.

Minuteman Tattoo

post malone soldier tattoo

Tattoo: Post Malone’s right arm has a battle theme, and a Minuteman has also been included.

Interpretation: In his interview with GQ, Post Malone said this tattoo was a “Minuteman”. A Minute Man is a specific class of military men from the American Revolution.

They are men who volunteered themselves for service at any ‘minutes notice’. It is the second tribute tattoo the rapper has dating back to this era.

Tiny Cartier Love Bangle Tattoo

post malone tiny cartier love bangle tattoo

Tattoo: The rapper decided to ink a small Cartier love bangle on his left index finger.

Interpretation: The Cartier love bangle is a highly popular piece of jewellery designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo.

His inspiration came from the idea of chastity belts, where a man can lock up his woman to ensure she is faithful. The design has drawn some criticism, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a popular symbol of love.

Skull with Cross Bones Tattoo

post malone skull with cross bones tattoo

Tattoo: Post Malone has a skull and cross bones on the left side of his torso.

Interpretation: The skull and cross bones is the main symbol for death. It also stands for danger and poison, where the symbol is used to warn people of a risk to life.

Sword Tattoo

post malone sword tattoo on neck

Tattoo: A sword piercing through his skin is inked either side of his neck, running along both sides of his collarbones.

Interpretation: Post Malone loves swords and even took the decision of getting one inked on his face, which is why he probably took this drastic choice of getting this design. He has always loved swords as a child and clearly still does in his adulthood!

Black Eagle Tattoo

post malone black eagle tattoo

Tattoo: Here, a black eagle is featured on the left side of his neck.

Interpretation: A black eagle is a large bird of prey and is also known for its aggression. Some believe eagles have the power to repel dark energies. It was a recognized emblem for the Holy Roman Empire in 1200 AD.

‘Molon Labe’ Tattoo

post malone molon labe tattoo

Tattoo: Across Post Malone’s torso are the words ‘Molon Labe’.

Interpretation: This Greek phrase translates to “come and take [them]” and was used by the King of Leonidas of Sparta, as a defiant response to his soldiers being told to lay down their weapons.

The phrase is popular amongst American’s who support the right to carry and conceal firearms, which is no surprise as Post Malone is pro-second amendment.


post malone nevermind tattoo

Tattoo: On his right palm is the word ‘Nevermind’.

Interpretation: Never mind is a phrase used as a positive way to forget and move on from your worries. By having this inked on his palm, Post Malone can remind himself to not dwell on his problems.

‘Smoke Sum’ Tattoo

post malone smoke sum tattoo

Tattoo: The words ‘Smoke Sum’ are tattooed on his right thigh.

Interpretation: It is no secret that Post Malone is a big weed smoker, so what better way to tribute his love for marijuana, than to encourage others to just ‘smoke sum’!

Kagome Tattoo

post malone kagome tattoo

Tattoo: A large tattoo of Kagome is inked on his left calf.

Interpretation: Kagome Higurashi is the main female character in the Japanese anime series Inuyasha. She is a feisty, bold, and strong woman with the determination to help others at any cost.

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Skull with a Cherokee Headdress Tattoo

post malone skull cherokee headress tattoo

Tattoo: On the bottom of his front right leg is a skull with a Cherokee headdress.

Interpretation: A skull featuring a native Indian headdress is designed to hold a special connection for the person with the tattoo. It symbolizes spirituality, leadership, power and honor.

Beauty and the Beast Tattoo

post malone beauty and the beast tattoo

Tattoo: Beauty and the Beast within a heart is inked on his right lower leg.

Interpretation: This romantic Disney film is widely popular and is a symbol for love. As Post Malone has said he feels ‘ugly’ and lacks ‘handsomeness’, this could be why Disney character the Beast is so meaningful to him.

’71’ Tattoo

post malone 71 tattoo

Tattoo: On either side of his nose is the number 71.

Interpretation: Post Malone has never explained why he got this number tattooed on either side of his nose however, we do know the number 71 is business orientated.

Gauntlet Tattoo

post malone gauntlet tattoo

Tattoo: This large gauntlet has been inked on the right side of the singer’s face.

Interpretation: In an interview with TMZ Post Malone said, “It’s like a gauntlet and a flail…it’s like a big spike ball on a chain, it’s pretty brutal. Finally, I said f**k it, lets do it.” The medieval weapon is also shared by his famous friend Tyla Yaweh and was inked by Kyle Hediger.

‘STONEY’ Tattoo

post malone stoney tattoo

Tattoo: Under his chin reads the word ‘Stoney’.

Interpretation: This is the name of Post Malone’s debut album and is a tribute tattoo to mark the special occasion. The album itself gained over 1 billion streams and soon found its way to a Platinum spot.

Master Shake Tattoo

post malone master shake tattoo

Tattoo: Character Master Shake can be found on the rapper’s right side of his torso.

Interpretation: Master Shake is one of the main characters from tv show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The show features fast food items in a quick-tempered neighborhood on their crazy adventures in New Jersey.

Texas Map Tattoo

post malone texas map tattoo

Tattoo: The map of Texas is behind his ear.

Interpretation: Another tribute for Texas, the area he grew up in since the age of nine. Post Malone moved to the Grapevine area, after his dad became the manager of the snack kiosk bars for American football team the Dallas Cowboys.

Gallenson’s Gun Logo Tattoo

post malone gallenson’s gun logo tattoo

Tattoo: The Gallenson Gun logo is positioned on his right bicep.

Interpretation: As a big fan of the second amendment, it is no surprise Post Malone has this logo for Gallenson’s gun shop, a supplier for firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Buzzsaw Tattoo

post malone buzzsaw tattoo

Tattoo: The singer’s left cheek features a buzzsaw.

Interpretation: After his Sprint Center concert in Kansas City, Post Malone visited tattooist Ruben Reza for this piece.

It comes just a month after his gauntlet tattoo but an explanation hasn’t yet been given from the singer himself.

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