100 Mystifying Egyptian Tattoos Designs

Tattooing is one of the widely appreciated forms of body art but the extent of appreciation and acceptability a tattoo gets depends entirely on the design chosen for tattoo art. While flowers, animals, celestial bodies, tribal art and imaginary objects are widely used designs in this art form, Egyptian tattoo have come up as a fresh perspective. The roots of the design are placed in the ancient Egyptian culture, and this very fact makes the Egyptian tattoos a unique design option in the modern times.

This is the reason why these tattoos are becoming a rage among tattoo designers as well as tattoo enthusiasts. Moreover, Egyptian designs not only abound in ornate detail but in symbolic meaning too. What history speaks about tattoo art in ancient Egypt is that tattooing was not common in this part of the world. Some women, however were inked with unique patterns comprising of parallel lines and shapes, as have been indicated from their mummified bodies.

The ancient symbolism prevalent in Egyptian culture is being used as the basis of Egyptian tattoos. These symbols range from simple lines to ornate designs of natural elements and each design is associated with a symbolic meaning. This is the reason why each tattoo design amongst the Egyptian tattoo is regarded as unique and special, both in terms of its visual appeal as well as symbolic meaning.

Different Egyptian Symbol Tattoos

Symbols have occupied a place of significance in the ancient Egyptian culture and they have found a place in tattoo art too. Here are some symbolic Egyptian tattoo designs along with their meanings:

  • Ankh Tattoos – The Ankh symbol reinforces the Egyptian belief in eternal life and is believed to carry a person safely into his next life. This cross like symbol with a rounded loop on the top, is associated with magical protection powers for the bearer. The Ankh symbol tattoo is a popular design option amongst Egyptian tattoos and can be inked in big or small sizes, on prominent locations like the ankle, wrist, upper arm or shoulder.
  • Anubis Tattoo – Anubis is an Egyptian God, with the lower body as human and the head of a jackal. He has a stick in one hand and an ankh cross in the other. Anubis is referred to as the god of the dead and is believed to give protection to the souls which have passed to the afterlife. Anubis tattoos are the symbol of protection from death and is usually inked on the back of the bearer to signify that Anubis is watching over him. A popular Anubis design features the god standing in front of a pyramid, protecting the tomb.
  • Eye of the Horus Tattoo – Another Egyptian tattoo which is revered as a protective talisman is the Eye of the Horus tattoos. In the ancient Egyptian culture, Horus, the God of the Sky, lost one of his eyes in a battle, which was later discovered and regarded as the all-seeing eye. This tattoo design is shaped like a teardrop and can be incorporated with elements like the sun and pyramid. The tattoos are usually inked in the form of bracelets and amulets, though it can also be borne at the lower back or back of the neck.
  • The Pyramid Tattoo – Pyramids are synonymous with Egyptian symbols and a pyramid tattoo is instantly recognizable as an Egyptian tattoo. These tattoos are believed to be sources of inspiration and energy. Lower back, upper arm and lower leg make the best placements for pyramid tattoos’
  • Egyptian Cartouche Tattoo – A cartouche is an elongated oval which is carrying the name of the bearer in hieroglyphics. The element has become popular because these days there are jewelry pieces available in this design. This tattoo design also has protective value for the bearer.
  • The Ba Tattoo – Another popular Egyptian tattoo design is the Ba tattoo, which represents a legendary bird called Ba, which completes its work all day long before returning to its nest at night. The bird is a symbol of perseverance and the tattoo is borne for the same reason.
  • Phoenix Tattoos – A bird called Bennu is the Egyptian phoenix as it emerged from the ashes of the holy tree located near the temple of Ra. This heron like bird had a life span of 500 years and represented the sun. Egyptian phoenix tattoos stand as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.
  • Egyptian Cat Tattoo – A cool tattoo option in the Egyptian tattoos is that of the Egyptian cat tattoos, which represent Bastet the Cat Goddess, the daughter of Ra and Isis. The tattoo is again a symbol of protection because Bastet was a fierce protector by nature.

Some other design elements for Egyptian tattoos are Egyptian lotus, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Egyptian Gods, Egyptian animals, mummies, the Djed, the Sphinx and the Piramodial Hill. These tattoos are complex in designs and meanings and must be chosen with a great deal of research.

Amazing Pictures Of Egyptian Tattoos

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