165 Best Arm Tattoos for Men, Women, Girls & Guys

For centuries now, men and women have been relying upon various forms of body adornments to catch the eye of onlookers. While piercing the skin at various locations and wearing jewelry pieces on them has been one of these forms, another one is the amazing art of inking tattoos on various parts of the body. Tattoos make an attractive way to adorn your body as well as make a declaration of your attitude by having a design inked on your body. Besides the design of the tattoo, its placement is of great importance too.

Size and Placement

The size and placement of tattoos on the arm depend upon a variety of factors which need to be considered at the time of selecting the tattoos. Here are some points to consider in this regard:

  • You should bear in your mind your professional commitments while choosing the tattoo design as you have to consider its visibility and how it is going to affect your profession.
  • Besides the tattoo design, you also need to consider the color of the tattoo too. It is all a matter of personal taste because some people might like conventional black and grey tattoos while others are more inclined towards having bright and vibrantly colored tattoos.
  • Upper arm are easier to be inked as compared to wrist, elbow and lower arm as the areas mentioned later are bonier and having tattoos inked on them can be considerably painful.
  • The design’s symbolic meaning also has a bearing on its choice by an individual because tattoos are a reflection of your personality as well as attitude. The meaning of the design of tattoo can be interpreted on the basis of elements used in the design, with each element having a distinct meaning.
  • In the end, the skin tone of the tattoo bearer also plays a key role in the selection of tattoos on the arm as certain types of tattoos look more prominent on darker skin tones while other types are more suitable for people with lighter skin tones. Those with lighter skin tone have a greater liberty as far as the use of tattoo ink is concerned because even light colors or white ink tattoos show well on such skin tones.

Wonderful Design Ideas for Men and Women

Tattoos on the arms for men and women are available in various designs that you will surely love to have. It is all thanks to those tattoo artists who keep on inventing fresh tattoo designs that will capture the interest of every single tattoo enthusiast. Here are some of the wonderful design ideas:

  • Chinese / Japanese Design Ideas – Historically speaking, such designs were firstly seen in the ancient Chinese and Japanese people, especially those tattoos inked on the sleeve part of a human body. Some of the designs incorporated in these ideas are a dragon, tiger, lotus flower, cherry blossoms, and the koi fish tattoo design.
  • Symbolic and Text Design Ideas – The perfect locations of these design ideas are in the forearm and on the person’s wrist. These ideas are common to those people who want to incorporate their devotedness to their own religion. This is why Om symbols and Celtic crosses are perfect examples of these.
  • Americana Art on Arm – These ideas can be attributed to the Americana art. It was during the World War II when these tattoo design ideas became popular. Some of the important design elements here are family crests, nautical stars, and a swallow.
  • Tribal Tattoo Design on Arm – The tribal design ideas are known to be common sense a lot of people are having a tribal tattoo on the arm today. However, it does not mean that these designs will no longer be gorgeous in the eyes of many. In fact, these are the choices of many tattoo enthusiasts because of their amazing beauty to offer. These involve bold form and bold lines. Samoan, Mandala, and Maori are just three of the tribal designs preferred by many people, especially men.

This amazingly intricate full sleeve Islander tattoo


This awesome almost full sleeve tribal tattoo


This Polynesian Pug Tattoo


This work in progress


This floral pseudo tribal tattoo


X marks the spot


This single shoulder pad


This bad ass full sleeve tribal tattoo


This symmetric circle design


This Maori silhouette hybrid


This Rugby player’s tats


This Polynesian warrior tattoo


This Maori sleeve


This beautiful Samoan/Islander piece


This single peck to half sleeve

chest-sleeve-tribal tattoo

Another spectacular female tribal tattoo


This Maori half sleeve


This gorgeous deep black tribal tattoo


This turtle design


This detailed Polynesian tattoo


These twisting patterns


This geometric Polynesian tribal design


This sectional piece


This red and black Maori tribal tattoo

red-maori-tribal tattoo

This Maori Islander Hybrid tattoo


These bold outlines



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